[prive] machine/deep learning web api with front end


The goal of this project is to create a web api to which you can upload photos of different types of electrical connectors. The web api back-end will then analyze the photo using machine/deep learning. When determined which type of connector it is it will be send back to the front-end.

the front-end of this project will consist of an app for ios and a web app.

project limitations:

  • the web api will be made in python
  • the web-app front-end wil be made using html5
  • the dataset will be limited to the following types of connectors: dupont, jst, xt60

Steps to take:

  • Create an front-end in which you can upload photos. ( i will start with an web app)
  • Create the back-end api which will store the photos in a database.
  • Determine which machine/deep learning algorithm to use.
  • Create/train a dataset for the different types of connectors.
  • Finalize the machine/deep learning system.
  • Combine everything

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