ABB Emergency Stop conflict #error20223

We get an error that the Emergency Stop isn’t connected correctly. We can’t get see any lose wires tho. Does anyone have any suggestions or had this problem before?

20223, Emergency Stop conflict
Only one of the two Emergency Stop chains was opened.
The system goes to status SYS HALT.
Probable causes
Any of the switches connected to the Emergency Stop chain may be
faulty or not correctly connected, causing only one channel to close.
The Emergency Stop chain is described in the Trouble Shooting
Manual, IRC5.
Recommended actions

  1. Check cables and connections.
  2. Check other event log messages occurring at the same time to
    determine which switch caused the fault.
  3. Make sure all switches are working correctly.
  4. If there is no loose connection, replace the faulty switch.

The error clearly states that something is wrong with the safety wiring of the robot. You may not always see loose wires, but the connection can be bad and therefor the error is shown.

Can you still use the robot or is it completely blocked the entire time because of this error?

You can try the following to solve it:

  1. Press and release all emergency buttons (a few times after each other). Sometimes a contact can get stuck.
  2. On the right side in the controller you can find a board as pictured below. Remove and reconnect the plugs X1, X2, X5 and X6 a few times. Always do this with the robot powered down and unplugged from the power!
  3. If I remember correctly there are some extra wires connected to one of the plugs of the board from point 2. These are labeled with a piece of duct tape which contains a description. Check if these wires are connected correctly.
  4. The connections of the emergency button of the front panel al visible inside the robot. Also check if these wires al still connected properly.

Unfortunately, I have something else on Monday so I won’t come in on the planned moment. If the things above don’t solve the problem then let me know. I will try to come in the late afternoon (on Monday) to help.

This wasn’t the problem, we looked at it with guus. We think the problem lies in the emergency circuitboard.

We would like you to come by and help us.

The probleem seems to be solved, but I’m not exactly sure what the problem was. The reason for the message was because ES2 would not become active again. You can see this because the led on panel board A21 at ES2 is not lit.

I checked the emergency buttons with a multimeter and they seem to work. But see point 2 below, because some errors I can’t measure with a multimeter.

I think one of the following things causes the problem:

  1. A faulty panel board A21. A small note, I don’t think the relay is defective. The wiring diagram shows that they are just there to control a signalling output and are not needed for the safety functions.
  2. The emergency buttons are broken and the two switches in one button don’t close on the same time. Most fail-safe circuits monitor if the two switches close in the same time (max some ms in between). If this isn’t the case then the emergency stop becomes active.

If the problem comes back you can try the following:

  1. Make sure all emergency buttons are released.
  2. Press in one emergency button. The one on the front panel of the controller is preferred because the next steps are easier there.
  3. While pressing on the button rotate it to the right (follow the arrows on the button). This will release the lock of the button. Rotate until you can’t rotate any further. It’s important that you keep the button pressed in the whole time!
  4. Release the button completely at once so it can freely pop out.

Let me know if the problems come back :slight_smile:.

Shouldn’t we replace the Estops than? Juist to prefent this problem to happen during the end presentation…

As I said before, I’m not completely sure what the problem is.

The strange thing is that the mentioned work-around seems to work with both of the buttons. This suggest that the problem is not in the buttons, but in the panel board. On the other side, replacing the emergency buttons is for sure the cheapest option. But replacing the button on the FlexPendant seems very difficult.

I would suggest to contact ABB and let them give a suggestion about what is best. Maybe this is a common problem (although they probably won’t tell you :wink: ) and they know what to replace.