Control a (conveyor) motor with a t-verter e2-201-h1f frequency converter

This topic uses the following conveyor belt and motor:

And the following converter: T-verter e2-201-h1f:


  • L1 and L2 are for the Power supply. They are not differentiated on phase sequence. They can be arbitrarily connected. Their connection may be interchanged.
  • Output terminal T1, T2, and T3 should be connected to the U, V, and W terminals of the motor. They must not be connected to power source to prevent from damaging the inverter.
  • Connect the ground from the motor and the powersuply to the Grounding terminal of the T-verter (bootom left of the picture).
  • Connect the +12V (pin 5) to the REVERSE (pin 4) or FORWARD (pin 3). Depends on which direction you want to go. If you don’t do this the conveyor belt will not work!

Now you can hit ‘run’ and the conveyor belt will turn on. You can controll the speed with the ‘up-’ an ‘down-arrows’ on the T-verter. That way you change the frequency. A higher frequency means faster and low frequency means slower