How to make a RealSense calculate its corrected real-word coordinates

Hi, here is the function that we use to calculate the 3d point for the robot. We use the camera characteristics to get a point with 3-5mm of distortion.

def make_3D_point(x, y, pipeline,camera):
    Function to calculate the coordinates of a point in the 3D space.

    x : float
        X coordinate of the point
    y : float
        Y coordinate of the point
    pipeline : pyrealsense.pipeline
        Camera pipeline object
    camera : int
        Integer value to specify in which camera frame the point needs to be calculated

    point : array of float
        An array containing the X, Y and Z coordinates of the point

    # Wait for a coherent pair of frames: depth and color
    frames = pipeline.wait_for_frames()
    depth_frame = frames.get_depth_frame()
    color_frame = frames.get_color_frame()

    # Get the depth value at the point of interest
    depth_value = depth_frame.get_distance(x, y)

    # Convert depth pixel coordinates to world coordinates
    depth_intrinsics = depth_frame.profile.as_video_stream_profile().intrinsics
    depth_to_color_extrinsics = depth_frame.profile.get_extrinsics_to(color_frame.profile)
    world_coords = rs.rs2_deproject_pixel_to_point(depth_intrinsics, [x, y], depth_value)
    rotation = np.array(depth_to_color_extrinsics.rotation).reshape(3, 3)
    translation = np.array(depth_to_color_extrinsics.translation).reshape(3, 1)
    depth_to_color_extrinsics = np.concatenate((rotation, translation), axis=1)
    world_coords = np.append(world_coords, [1])
    world_coords =, world_coords)
    world_coords = world_coords[:3]
    #return world_coords
    if (camera==1):
        cam1=[-594.37,-645,936.8]# difference from the camera to the robot coordinates
        cam2=[-670,215,936.8]# difference from the camera to the robot coordinates
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