ISO, IEC, EN, NEN guidlines introduction


  • NEN; NEderlandse Norm (Dutch Standard)
  • EN; European Norm
  • IEC; International Electrical Committee
  • ISO; International Orangisation For standarization

Guideline names

How to read the guideline names by example: NEN-EN-IEC 60445:2018
This means that the standard with code 60445 is a harmonized standard.
The Master standard is, in this case, the IEC 60445 that is both rectified by the EN and NEN organisation. This means if you follow the NEN-EN-IEC 60445:2018 you also make the machine cording to the DIN-EN 60445:2018 and can work according to the German standards too.

Safety Guidelines

All standards even machine Standards are guidelines. This means you can deviate from the standard. This is due that the Norms, guidelines, and standards are always lacking behind innovation. For example that cobots don’t have clear guidelines yet.
However, deviating from the guidelines would require clear reasoning on why a system deviates and explanation of all the risks and mitigation of risks used.

keep in mind that some guidelines are required per dutch law and if a guideline fits your application you also have to follow the guidelines. For example, the NEN 1010 is the installation guideline for electrical installation and MUST be followed for electrical installations (not machines) within home, office and industrial installations. Installing not to code installations (that are not checked by a certified installation mechanic) is not classified as safe and must not be used.

excessing NEN database
All NEN guidelines are downloadable form the NEN via a Hague university licence. go to: NEN connect and log in with your Hague university credentials

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