Safety functions via PROFIsafe of KUKA robot


Does anybody know how to change PROFIsafe bits on the KUKA KRC4? When I connected the PLC to the Robot I got a safety error like “ESTOP OF LOCAL”. Regards to the KUKA manual PROFINET, I have to change some bits in the PROFIsafe but my question is that I have to change the bits on the KUKA KRC or in PLC? and how?

The safety bits that need to be changed are on the robot.

In the attachment you can find the KUKA ProfiNet manual. There is a description of the different bits that can be read or written to.

I do have a question about this. Why do you want to use PROFIsafe? Do you want to configure your PLC as safety device? Or do you need to add specific safety features or get the current safety state from the robot?

You should give the forum post below a read.

KUKA_ProfiNet_31_en.pdf (2.2 MB)

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A small note about PROFIsafe.

PROFIsafe is not the same as Profinet. If you want to use PROFIsafe you need a special fail-safe PLC with safety functionality. PROFIsafe adds some extra checks to Profinet communication. This means that a normal PLC cannot understand the data that is being communicated.

Thank you for response.
Yes I am useing the F-PLC with PROFIsafe.
Actually, I configured F-PLC to control the safety of the area. I read the manual of the KUKA PROFINET but It is not clear to me How change the bits and where can I do that. there just describe the bits.

Than you for response.
I used the F-PLC with F functionality. PLC is connected with GSDML file to the KRC but the robot stopped. On the Siemens TIA, PLC can find the IOs of GSDML. When I try to have access to the F-IOs or change the value (SET/RESET) bits, I got the error that “PLC send invalid input data for divice” , " PLC can not work with the output data from device" and “PLC connected to device in the STOP state”.

Unfortunately, I have never worked with KUKA robots, so I’m not sure what the problem is. If the PLC is giving errors, I can help you solve these.

Maybe someone else here can help you with the KUKA part?

I think we need the robot code + PLC code to be able to say something about this issue.

@Houman could you upload the code you are using on the robot and the code that is running on the PLC?