[Solved] ABB Flexpicker rotation end of armtool (Howto)

We are trying to rotate the end of armtool of the ABB Flexpicker to the needed positions, but we don’t know how to do that.

We know how many degrees it needs to turn, but we don’t understand the format the robot expects. The robot uses 4 different values in radians to controll the rotation of the robot. (only 2 are changing when manualy rotating the end of armtool)

How can we calculate these values if we have the degrees that it needs to be turned?

I expect the 4 different numbers you are talking about are Quaternions.

In this link you will find a nice visualization to help you form some intuition.

There are multiple tools online that can help you translate Quaternions to euler angles or angle notations using transformation matrices.

Please let us know if you find a good tool!

Because the abb can only rotate in one direction, there are only two Quaternions needed.

The following code will put the target in the right orientation.

I used the calculations from this site: