[Solved] Halcon install UP board

For our project we like to use the UP board in combination with Halcon.
I found some solutions for the problem at hand, but it is too difficult for me to understand what I have to do.

Is there a way to install Halcon on an UP board without using a DVD?


  • Download the installation for Linux from the halcon website
  • Extract the .tar.gz file you just downloaded
  • run ./install.sh
  • copy license to the [Halcon root]/license folder
  • default installation path is /opt/Halcon

Good luck!

I want to add some information to @Mathijs his post.

After installation and every time you want to start Halcon you need to set environment variables.
If you have a default installation you can run the following command: source /opt/halcon/.profile_halcon . This step can be run automatically by changing ~/.profile .

After this you can start Halcon with the command: hdevelop .

All these instructions can be found in the installation guide which you can download on the download page of Halcon.