[Solved] Halcon with GigEVision creates only Garbage

I’ve been trying for a couple of days now, to use a MicroEpsilon scanCONTROL 2950-25 linescan camera with Halcon. Halcon itself claims to be compatible with these cameras.

However reading the images from the camera in halcon shows only garbage:

We think this problem could be caused by a mistake in the configuration of GigEVision to read the camera data in Halcon. Possibly being that Halcon can only read the non-processed data from the camera. Does anybody have any advice on how to solve or troubleshoot this?

Displaying the camera data using MicroEpsilons configuration tool shows clean results:

Is your ethernet card 100 mbps? If so, i won’t work properly.

“First, if a link is too slow to support the acquisition bandwidth (let’s say you connected your GigE camera on a 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet port), then the camera will likely need to drop a few frames to throttle acquisition bandwidth to match the transmission bandwidth.”

Yes, my networkcard is gigabit. I know this sensor can easily saturate that interface as well, but that is not the problem here.

After searching through the datasheets, it turned out this is the raw data from the sensor. It appears Halcon simply lists all Sensors that communicate through the GigEVision protocol as compatible. Reading the calibrated data which is processed on the sensor, seems not possible using halcon.

Using the information from the datasheets we managed to implement basic postprocessing in Halcon which seems to deliver accurate enough results for our usecase.