[Solved] Kawasaki ERROR: Uncoincidence error between destination and current position of jt 4

When i run my Kawasaki program i get this error when i move to an position:

Uncoincidence error between destination and current position of jt 4.

My code is:

POINT omhoog_schuur = TRANS(-356.7, 91.4, 210.4, 88.9, 85.8, -2.9)
POINT naast_schuur = TRANS( -60.5, 163.1, 300.1, 177.8, 90.7, 90.7)
POINT voor_schuur = TRANS( -68.9, 263.3, 326.7, 178.9, 85.3, 91.9)
POINT tegen_schuur = TRANS( -89.2, 260.1, 322.9, 178.9, 87.2, 90.7)

LMOVE omhoog_schuur
LMOVE naast_schuur

its about the movement off LMOVE omhoog_schuur to LMOVR naast_schuur.

The joints are not to his limits. They can mov even more. The robot stops and is at that position for a few seconds and then he gives the error.

Martijn Opmeer

Looks like a hardware error. Does it work at lower speeds?

8a25f52e-7ecd-4552-b64f-fe466ba032e9.pdf (1.5 MB)

ERROR CODE E1128 Uncoincidence error betw destination and current Jt XX
This error occurs during program execution, if all joints do not reach total coincidence
within the commanded accuracy and time.
Main causes include.

  1. Damaged bearings.
  2. Insufficient gear backlash.
  3. Motor brake not released.
  4. Arm movement restricted by harnesses or peripheral devices.
  5. Motor power line U, V, and W phase are disconnected.
  6. Defective 1KB servo board.
  7. Defective 1KQ/1NR board (malfunction in the brake circuit).
  8. Defective power block.
  9. Disconnected motor power or brake lines.
  10. Defective encoder or encoder harness.
    Program data-
  11. The difference in the angle of the wrist at the start and end steps is too great.
    Example: 180 degrees at the start step and -180 degrees at the end step.
    ⇒ Repair mechanical or electrical failures as necessary.
    ⇒ Check interference from external devices.
    ⇒ Modify taught wrist positions as required

He gives the same error at lower speed. It doesnt matter if the speed is on 0.1% or 100%. He always gives the error at the exact same point in the program.

Problem solved. Some complex linear movements to carthesian coordinates gave the error.

Changing to joint coordinates solved the error.

It seems this robot has some extra friction on one of the joints, that could have contributed to the error.