[Solved] TIA unable to find PLC

my TIA portal can’t seem to connect to our PLC. I have set the ipv-4 ip to and configured the TIA project with PN/IE-1 but it is unable to find any compatible or accessible devices. Wondering what could cause this.

Try to search the network in TIA Portal via: Online (menu bar at the top) -> Accessible device. This will show all reachable Profinet devices in the network. Is the PLC found in there?

If the PLC is not found, try the following:

  • Make sure you have selected the right network card at “PG/PC interface”.
  • Under the bottom lid of the PLC are Rx and Tx LEDs. These show if there is a network connection and they should blink.
  • Check in Windows if the network adapter is connected.

If it’s found, try the following:

  • Check if the device configured in TIA Portal is exactly the same as in real life. Check this by looking at the order number. This number can be found under the bottom lid of the PLC and in TIA Portal in the properties of the PLC.
  • Interface is set correctly.
  • Leds blink.
  • network adapter is connected.

it works with exactly the same settings on Menno’s laptop, so i think it’s a problem with my laptop. Could it have something to do with me using a USB-C to ethernet adapter?

Yes, that can be the reason. In the pas I’ve seen some problems with USB to ethernet adapters and compatibility with TIA Portal.

There is a workaround available. If you double click on “Access address” you can manually fill in an IP address. After this press enter. TIA Portal will try to connect directly to the device without searching the network first. After this you can proceed as normal by clicking the load button.

Did you solve the problem in the meantime?

Yes. Should have mentioned it here. Lloyds solution works.