[Solved] Wiring the motor of the black conveyor in the robot lab

We want to use the big conveyor in the robot lab, connecting it to a frequency controller so we can control the speed and activate and deactivate it with the PLC. The motor is a 3 phase motor with 5 wires (image ahead). The black, gray and brown wires are for the phases, the yellow/green wire for the ground and the last one we have checked that is for protection or shielding:

Our question is: how and where do we have to connect that last wire?
@4lloyd Thank you in advance.

If you are sure that the wire is only for protection or shielding then you connect it to the earth together with the yellow/green wire.

To be sure it’s better to always check how the wires are connected inside the motor. You can remove the lid of the junction box of the motor to see how everything is connected. In you picture you send the junction box is located on the bottom side of the motor.

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Thank you very much.