Trouble installing Node-Red on Armbian (Orange Pi) [solved]

I was having trouble installing Node-Red on Armbian (Orange Pi Zero)

The install script:

bash <(curl -sL

-failed after a few minutes with:
Node.js LTS Failed to install Node.js: Exit

Everyone on google seems to agree the best way to install NodeJS is with NPM, though installing NPM on Armbian seems to be impossible due to large amounts of missing dependencies.

The solution as found through experimentation seems to be:

Use NVM instead of NPM, it’s useful for managing stuff later:
curl -o- | bash

Install NodeJS through apt-get: (might be possible to skip this step)
sudo apt-get install nodejs

Make a sym-link so node and nodejs can be used interchangeable, as they seem to be in the node-red installer:
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

Re-run the Node-Red install script:
bash <(curl -sL

You’ll probably get an error from NVM along the lines of:
N/A: version "N/A -> N/A" is not yet installed. You need to run "nvm install N/A" to install it before using it.
solve that with
nvm alias default node

Might potentially help someone running Armbian instead of Raspian on a pi device.

Thanks, really useful!