Understanding the basics of bitcoin

DISCLAIMER You should never take financial advise from a robotics teacher. Though I am personally enthusiastic about the technology and the idea behind it, and I am a staunch hodler who owns some, do NOT assume Bitcoin to be stable. It is very risky, and do not take this info to be reliable (except for the technical part of course).

In short: nothing here implies any investment advise!!

Read in order:

  1. The original paper by the creator of Bitcoin: technical foundations
  2. Article The Bullish Case for Bitcoin: economic view (warning: very pro-bitcoin)
  3. Book The Bitcoin Standard: the best book on the matter. It’s mostly about the background of money, and only then delves into the solution and implementation.

How to buy

If you want to play with Bitcoin, you can buy yourself a few Satoshi (1 BTC = 100,000,000 sat)

  1. Create your own address at https://bitaddress.org . Make sure to download the page, go offline and then open the page from your own hard drive!! (There are better ways to create and store addresses, but to just get started this is more than fine)
  2. Head over to (for example) https://www.bitonic.nl and have them transfer the BTC to your address.

Price prediction models

Highly speculative!! But interesting nonetheless: