Vacancy @ TU Delft: Robot application engineer

SAM|XL (part of the TU Delft) has a vacancy for a robot application engineer / software engineer.

The vacancy mentions ‘software engineer’, but it’s actually more of a robot application engineer as I understood it.

They’re a great employer, so check it out!

For more information you can contact Kjelt van Rijswijk ( | +31 12802316).

I think it’s a great job.

If you’re an ex-SMR student, don’t forget to tell him you are!


Thijs Brilleman

To add to this: we (SAM|XL/ TU delft) are actually looking for both a software engineer and a robot application/automated manufacturing engineer.

The vacancy description for the latter will be availble shortly, and shared below this post.

Both of the vacancy descriptions can now be found on our website. Check them out!

If there are any questions about our work, the vacancies or any other related matters, send me a private message!