What is uploaded and where on synchronizing project in DRL studio

Question regarding Homberger Doosan robot.

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We are unable to locate the files that we upload to the to the homberger raspberry using DRL Studio. I would like to have a background task import and call other packages/files that I upload but do no know where I can find them.
I have access to the homberger files and have located where the background file is uploaded (“/home/pi/homberger-hub/background”). Inside this directory there is also a venv but this is not the same venv as I have on my local project. I would like to know some more detail about what is uploaded when I synchronize the project and where eveything is uploaded.

With help from Steph and Arthur got the robot connected to a Rpi with DRL studio. Had to look up the IP adres of all the components: PI on and the robot on For future reference.

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Any update already @StephNutzel ?

I also sent a email to homberger support, but they only sent some standard information about the product in italian. No reaction from the contact person at Doosan

(We currently connect to a socket server and pass commands through that since we cannot be stuck on this problem for much longer, though it would be a lot easier/nicer if the background task could call on other files. I will keep an eye on the email and maybe make a post on stackoverflow)

Maybe this is somehow useful:

Considering the time limit we decided not to investigate further after a few days. We setup a socket server for the main program and the main program uploaded to homberger connects to the server as a client. There is a simple protocol between the two were head and body is seperated by a semi colon. This way we can send commands back and forth. We still think there is a solution out there somewhere but we were not able to investigate further at some point