[Solved] Communication between kawasaki and cognex

i’m having some trouble with the communication between the kawasaki and a cognex camera. i’m able to establish a connection. but having trouble logging in and recieving actual data.
can someone help me with this?

Which device creates/starts the connection and which one waits to be connected to?
Which protocol are you using?
What information does need to be exchanged?

The kawasaki robot esablishes the connection. the cognex is waiting to be connected to.
i’m using TCP. And want to get some X and Y coordinates from the camera.

TCP Communication is a bit harder on the Kawasaki robots. A working example can be found here:

TCP communication: Cognex - Kawasaki

My suggestion would be to put the code in the Kawasaki IDE so you can upload the code real easy.

Good luck!

Thanks! got it working now